Back to Matilija, Part 2, Murietta Divide and Santa Ynez Ridge; March 22, 2013

Fire up the WABAC machine, warm up the DeLorean and take care to avoid the Morlocks; it is time to go back, again, to Matilija.

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I left the mid-March ice and snow of the northeast and landed late Friday, March 15 at LAX with little expectation that I would have time for day-long travels in the Los Padres. As the events of the week evolved, I found that Thursday, March 22, was an open day. I considered several alternatives but my trip Sunday, March 17 to Matilija after 28 years away ultimately compelled me to head back to the Matilija trail head with the Santa Ynez ridge and Divide Peak as my destination. Putting my head out of gear and pounding along the Murietta fire road to Murietta Divide while meditating on my 50 year history in the area would be, I reasoned, my equivalent of sitting in double lotus position (which I most certainly cannot do) chanting a mantra. Thence, as though jumping into icy water after a sauna, I planned to follow the steep Monte Arido trail up to the Santa Ynez ridge, if I may be permitted to mix my cultural relaxation regimen metaphors.

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Back to Matilija, 2013-03-17: the Murietta Five

I arrived in California late Friday night, March 16. This was not, as a primary focus, a trip designed to realize my Los Padres Expatriate goals. But I was not adverse to making that part of the function of the visit should time permit. Saturday, March 17, was fully scheduled but Sunday, barring unforeseen complications, I intended to honor an open invitation from the author of Hiking and Backpacking Santa Barbara and Ventura to participate in an outing with a group of Los Padres luminaries.

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