I am the Los Padres expatriate hiker. I have hiked and continue to hike in many places. But the Southern Los Padres in Ventura County and Santa Barbara County, California, is where it started for me and is the place I consider home. It is home even though I live a considerable distance away. The intent of this web log is described in the Statement of Purpose. In addition to this site, I also maintain a site for photography. I have applied photographic techniques in several areas of endeavor; what I display on my Web site are photographs related to my outdoor avocation (with one small exception). I am not a professional art / landscape photographer as one can no doubt infer from my work. What I emphasize is walking on trails in places meaningful to me and making photographs when I reach my destination. If I do not reach my intended destination, I shoot wherever I happen to visualize a picture under the assumption I simply had not correctly identified my destination in the planning phase. Or perhaps I had multiple destinations unbeknown to me at the outset.

Beyond the above, there is not much I can say about myself relevant to the philosophical foundation of this site. I suppose some things will be revealed in the course of writing the posts that will appear herein. Please feel free to leave comments relevant to the topics upon which I will hold forth.

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